Celebrate Banned Books Week…If You Dare!


Join us in celebrating Banned Books Week, September 24-October 1! The
event, sponsored by the American Library Association, celebrates an
individual’s Right to Intellectual Freedom. Come by to see our display of
some of the most frequently challenged books of the last century and check
one out…if you dare!

Some Happy VSBA Readers


These happy students were first in line to pick up their copies of the
VSBA titles they had been eyeing! About 20 students were waiting to check
out their Volunteer Books when I arrived this morning. What a great start
to the day and a great start to our first year of VSBA participation!
Happy Reading to all!

Literary Lunch – Sept. 15-@ Your Library

Our first Literary Lunch is scheduled for Thursday, September 15! This lunch will be an “@ Your Library” edition, featuring Volunteer Book previews, student book club plans, and other ideas for an exciting year of events from the library. Join us by signing up for your lunch period. Sign up sheets are on the circulation desk in the library. Spaces are limited, so rush in now! You won’t want to miss this brainstorming session!