Six Word Memoir Gallery (Part 2): One Student. One Life. Six Words.


CavLibrary would like to invite you to visit the Creative Writing Six Word Memoir Gallery August 20-28, 2014.  After writing a slice of life memoir, students were asked to sum up their life in six words (see further explanation in previous post). Those six words are on display with a QR code linking these six words to an excerpt and photographs of their personal memoir.  Don’t miss this creative display.  One Student. One Life. Six Words.

Watch one student’s memoir here. Genesis Antunez’s Accept Reality

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Six Word Memoirs: One student. One life. Six words.

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The Creative Writing students have been working diligently on writing a memoir in two versions: a detailed account of a memorable event in their lives and then a Six Word Memoir inspired by Smith Magazine’s Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.  After completing final drafts, students selected photos illustrating the events of their memoir to create a Shadow Puppet featuring both memoirs.  Using iPads and laptops, students photographed each other and recorded excerpts from their memoir using the Shadow Puppet Edu app. They then linked their Puppet to a QR code that will be scanned in the gallery to view the student’s puppet.  Visit the gallery of Six Word Memoirs August 18-22 in the CavLibrary. One life. One memory. Six words.

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