The Great Gatsby Learning Station Day


CavLibrary and Mrs. Erin Lee’s English 3 classes celebrate The Great Gatsby with 1920s-themed learning stations.  Upon the completion of their reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, students visited CavLibrary to participate in six learning stations.

At Station 1 students entered the “speakeasy” to view a Prohibition video.

IMG_6609           IMG_3035

Station 2: Students read an article on the Art Deco movement and then analyzed 3 pieces of architecture from the movement.

IMG_8261 IMG_9116

Station 3: Students met “Bee Jackson,” played by Mrs. Erin Lee, who taught them how to dance the Charleston.

IMG_2230 IMG_0934

Station 4: Students completed a Great Gatsby Character Map and discussed the intriguing relationships of the famous characters.

IMG_5699             IMG_2251

Station 5: Students listened to three Louis Armstrong songs, “Chimes Blues,” “Sugar Foot Stomp,” and “West End Blues,” analyzing the changes over the decade, as well as assessing the values of the 1920s represented.

IMG_9963 IMG_3297

Station 6: Students viewed a timeline of the 1920s, analyzing relationships between events and identifying the ideals of the period.

IMG_6964 IMG_6430

What a wonderful celebration of The Great Gatsby! Thank you to Mrs. Erin Lee and her students for a successful collaboration!


Did I mention how fun it was to dress the part?

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols