Happy Pi Day 3.14.15


CavLibrary hosted its first Pi Day Celebration Learning Stations on 3.13.15 in collaboration with Mrs. Beth Stigall’s Algebra I classes. Students rotated through six interactive media and measuring stations to explore the concept of Pi and to demonstrate their knowledge of measuring the circumference and diameter of circles and spheres.

IMG_9241 IMG_7699 IMG_5786

Station 1: Pi Day Prezi

Students navigated through the teacher-made Pi Prezi and responded to questions.


Station 2: Students watched the video “How Pi Was Almost Changed to 3.2”

IMG_1547 IMG_0891

Station 3: Students listen and view three YouTube videos featuring songs about Pi.

IMG_5398 IMG_1548 IMG_1549

Station 4: Students measured three circular objects to determine their circumference and diameter, recording the measurements in a table to be averaged at a future station.

IMG_9791 IMG_8238 IMG_7072 IMG_2154 IMG_1550 IMG_1551

Station 5: Students measure spheres and record their circumference and diameter.

IMG_6523 IMG_0848

Station 5: Students use their measurements from stations 4 and 5 to calculate the ratio of each object’s circumference and diameter and then average those ratios. MOST of them were quite close to the anticipated 3.14.

IMG_4572 IMG_9774 IMG_0763 IMG_5172

Culminating Activity: Refreshments! What is Pi Day without a little Pi(e)?

IMG_8420 IMG_3329 IMG_8326

A huge thank you to Ms. Erin Tims and her Culinary Arts 2 students for baking our delicious pies!


An added bonus…Pi in book titles. Each book has the number in its title.