ALA Youth Media Award Winners

American Library Association Youth Media Awards

The ALA Youth Media Awards were announced in Boston @ our ALA Midwinter ceremony. Click on the image above to see all of the 2015 award winners. Then, visit the library to check them out.


Mrs. Nichols



Resolution Read 2016

No matter what others, including experts, might say, I have always been one to make New Year’s resolutions.  For me, writing down a goal and committing to it holds power.  Will you join me and CavLibrary in making the resolution to KEEP READING in 2016? Okay, let’s go even further and be painfully honest.  For some of you, perhaps your resolution may be to start reading or begin reading again. Whatever your version of this powerful resolution, share it with us.  Stop by the library for our RESOLUTION READ display and post your #resolutionread.  We’d also love for you to tweet your first read of 2016 to @cavlibrary #resolutionread. Remember, your #resolutionread might empower someone else, so post it, Tweet it, and READ it!

Blessings for 2016,

Mrs. Nichols