Gatsby Day @ CavLibrary


CavLibrary and Mrs.Natasha Smith’s English 3 classes celebrated The Great Gatsby with 1920s-themed learning stations.  Upon the completion of their reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, students visited CavLibrary to participate in six learning stations.

At Station 1 students entered the “speakeasy” to view a Prohibition video.


Station 2: Students read an article on the Art Deco movement and then analyzed 3 pieces of architecture from the movement.

Station 3: Students learned to dance the Charleston via an instructional YouTube video and assistance and encouragement from Mrs. Smith.

Might I add that this young lady can dance the Charleston to “Uptown Funk”? Try it; it’s perfect together!

IMG_4035 (1)

Station 4: Students completed a Great Gatsby Character Map and discussed the intriguing relationships of the famous characters.

Station 5: Students listened to three Louis Armstrong songs, “Chimes Blues,” “Sugar Foot Stomp,” and “West End Blues,” analyzing the changes over the decade, as well as assessing the values of the 1920s represented.


Station 6: Students viewed a timeline of the 1920s, analyzing relationships between events and identifying the ideals of the period.

What a wonderful celebration of The Great Gatsby!



Thank you to Mrs. Natasha Smith and her students for a successful collaboration!


Until next year, 0l’ chap….

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols

A Dual Investigation of the Crucifixion

Mrs. Kristi Watson’s College Biology class and Mr. Cameron White’s Bible class collaborated to investigate possible medical causes of Jesus’ death on the cross as verified by Scripture. The project was a four-day project devoted to the research of where medical diagnoses and The Gospels align.

Day 1

In mixed groups (Bio & Bible students), students investigated medical possibilities of Jesus’ actual death and searched for scriptural references within the gospels for connections.

Day 2

Students continued their research, outlining the medical and scriptural alignments in preparation for Day 3.


Day 3

Students used their evidence to record a podcast, defend their hypothesis of the actual medical cause of Jesus’ death on the cross.


Day 4

Students viewed and rated each group’s podcast before responding to a Google Form to select what they believed to be the actual cause of Jesus’ death and cite evidence supplied by the group.

In all, students were thinking, questioning, analyzing, re-questioning, and discovering healthy information minute-by-minute. What a joy to be in the presence of great teachers and students! A huge thanks to Mrs. Watson and Mr. White for their collaboration on this project.

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols

Book Club Read In for SLM2016

Eleven book club members and I settled in for a nice April’s read on Friday, April 1, 2016, to kick off School Library Month. This year’s theme “School Libraries Transform Learning” couldn’t be more true for this group, who frequent CavLibrary daily. The group also raised $292 to support CavLibrary’s future makerspace and programming. What a great night we had!  A huge thanks to our FFA who sponsored our refreshments for the evening!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols