The Great Gatsby Learning Stations


Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett’s English 3 classes visited CavLibrary for The Great Gatsby Learning Stations. Students rotated through five stations:

Station 1: The Speakeasy – Students viewed a Prohibition Informational Video and responded to reflection questions.

Station 2: Students analyzed a 1920s timeline, drawing connections between major events.

Station 3: Students listened to 3 songs of the decade,interpreting the meaning of each and its reflection of the times.

Station 4: Students learned to dance the Charleston!

Station 5: Students read an article on Art Deco architecture, viewed the Art Deco gallery, and selected their prime example of the movement.

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A huge thanks to Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett and their students! What a fun day!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols

Mrs. Nichols Meets Some of Your Favorite Authors

I am honored to have served as the President of the Tennessee Association of School Librarians for 2016. Doing so has provided opportunities to travel to state and national conferences, meet the giants of the library world (Joyce Valenza, Shannon Miller, Mr. Schu, etc.), and connect with some of our favorite authors! At this year’s TASL Conference in Murfreesboro, I met and/or reconnected with some of the coolest people. Here they are…

Aaron Reynolds, author of Creepy Carrots and so much more… Before publishing his 36 books, he received 370 rejection letters. Thank you for not giving up!


Alan Gratz, VSBA Award Winner for Prisoner-B-3087 and a native Tennessean.alan-gratz-2016

Author M. Tara Crowl, author of Eden’s Wish  and Eden’s Escape . Tara is also a Murfreesboro, TN native, and the sweetest soul you will ever meet! I’d like to say we are friends now.


Ruta Sepetys, VSBA winner for Between Shades of Gray. Her other books include Out of the Easy and Salt to the Sea. I will read every book she ever writes! Did I mention she lives in Tennessee as well?


Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller, former librarian at the VanMeter School in VanMeter, Iowa. What an inspiration to let our students have a voice.


The other COOL people I met included the Tiny Little Librarian Tiffany Whitehead,  author Jessica Young, author S.R. Johannes, and librarian Elissa Malespina.

I wish I could have had each of you with meet to meet these amazing people of our literary and library worlds!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols



Day of the Dead Learning Stations

CCHS Spanish I Students participated in Day of the Dead Learning Stations on October 31 and November 1 at CavLibrary. Students rotated through 4 stations exploring different culturally significant practices associated with this celebration.