The Great Gatsby Learning Stations


Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett’s English 3 classes visited CavLibrary for The Great Gatsby Learning Stations. Students rotated through five stations:

Station 1: The Speakeasy – Students viewed a Prohibition Informational Video and responded to reflection questions.

Station 2: Students analyzed a 1920s timeline, drawing connections between major events.

Station 3: Students listened to 3 songs of the decade,interpreting the meaning of each and its reflection of the times.

Station 4: Students learned to dance the Charleston!

Station 5: Students read an article on Art Deco architecture, viewed the Art Deco gallery, and selected their prime example of the movement.

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A huge thanks to Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett and their students! What a fun day!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols