Welcome Back, Cavaliers!

CCHS and Cav Library are thrilled to welcome one of the largest freshmen classes in our school’s history and our returning upper classmen! I am excited to meet each and every one of you and to help you meet your academic and social goals during your high school career! Our library is home to a generous collection of both fiction and nonfiction titles, computers, a LEGO wall, and Makerspace. I hope you will stop in before school and between classes to introduce yourself or to say hello again if you are a returning student. I can’t wait to see you! Oh, and don’t forget…YOU NEED A BOOK!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols


Cav Library Hosts Book Tastings

Cav Library is excited to host daily book tastings during the month of January. Students visit the library and take their seats to a table featuring four fiction titles of various genres. Students “taste-test” the book by examining the front cover, previewing any cover summaries, and actually beginning to read the book. After four minutes with the title, students record what the book is about thus far, indicate on their menu if they would like to continue reading it in the future, and pass it to the right for the next student. All featured books are the menu are immediately available for checkout at the close of the meal. Our hope is that students might expand their literary palette by venturing outside of their normally preferred genres to devour these great books.

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols

Book Club Meeting Friday, Sept 22!

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Join us for our first book club meeting this Friday, September 22, during U Time. We will discuss activities for the year, distribute Teen Read Week Read-In Sponsor Forms, and take t-shirt orders! Can’t wait to see you there!

If you happen to miss our meeting, please stop by the library for all the info!


Mrs. Nichols

Volunteer State Book Award Nominees Now Available @ Cav Library

Cav Library is excited to announce the opening week of the VSBA program! Join students across the state of Tennessee in reading at least 3 of the nominated titles and submitting your online review forms (under our VSBA tab) by April 20, 2018! Program participants will celebrate with a voting party featuring pizza and a movie during 3rd block on April 27, 2018!

This year’s titles include Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, Dumplin’  by Julie Murphy, and many more! You may view the entire high school list here . Summaries may also be found at http://www.tasltn.org.

I can’t wait for you all to read these books!


Mrs. Nichols

Cav Library Genrefied

After attending Tiffany Whitehead’s session on library genrefication at the Tennessee Association of School Librarians 2016 Conference, CCMS Librarian Mrs. Ashley Scruggs and I decided to embark on this change to our library organization. We began categorizing, labeling, and updating MARC records in February, and debuted our new and improved library organization to students this August. What a change! I knew reclassifying the books would make our library more user-friendly, but I had no idea the students would respond with such enthusiasm and gratitude! One of my students in her senior year remarked, “I looked for a book like this all last year, and never found one. I’m so excited!” She has read it twice in August!

Based on Whitehead’s model, our fiction collection is now organized into the following genres: realistic fiction, relationships & romance, humor, historical fiction, fantasy & science fiction, mystery & suspense, action & adventure, sports fiction, and literary classics.

I also didn’t anticipate how genrefying our collection would improve my book recommendation to students. On the first day of school, I was amazed at how quickly I could make strong recommendations to students within a category based on a simple conversation and a glance at the now minimized section of interest.

Many people outside the library world see librarians as staunch traditionalists, ruled by decimal points and dusty shelves, but I am here to attest that librarians are just the opposite. We embrace change to meet the needs of our students, and we do so one color-coded label at a time if necessary!

If you haven’t visited our genrefied collection, please pop in soon!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols

The Great Gatsby Learning Stations


Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett’s English 3 classes visited CavLibrary for The Great Gatsby Learning Stations. Students rotated through five stations:

Station 1: The Speakeasy – Students viewed a Prohibition Informational Video and responded to reflection questions.

Station 2: Students analyzed a 1920s timeline, drawing connections between major events.

Station 3: Students listened to 3 songs of the decade,interpreting the meaning of each and its reflection of the times.

Station 4: Students learned to dance the Charleston!

Station 5: Students read an article on Art Deco architecture, viewed the Art Deco gallery, and selected their prime example of the movement.

For links, visit our “Class Projects” page.




A huge thanks to Mrs. Smith and Ms. Pruett and their students! What a fun day!

Blessings all,

Mrs. Nichols