Class Projects

English II Into Thin Air Mt. Everest Stations

Intro: 3D Climb
Option: Acclimation Intro 3D Climb:

Base Camp 1: Sir Edmund Hillary Newsela Article

Base Camp 2: ” 7 Must-Know Knots for Climbers”

Base Camp 3: Medical Risks for Climbers

Altitude Dangers:


Base Camp 4: Forget Me Not Podcast

Summit: Tibetan Prayer Flags

College 1010 MLA Resource Links

What does a paper in MLA format look like? What are my formatting rules?

MLA General Format:

MLA Sample Paper:

How do I show when I have used information, either directly quoted or paraphrased, from an outside source in my paper?

MLA In-Text Citations:

How to incorporate direct quotations:

How and where do I list the sources used in my paper?

MLA Works Cited Page Format:

Sample Works Cited page:

How do I create references to be listed on my Works Cited page? What is the formula for different types of sources?

How to Cite a Book:

How to Cite Electronic Source (Web publications):

The Great Gatsby Learning Stations

Station 1: Prohibition in the United States: National Ban on Alcohol

Station 3: Charleston Instructional Video

 Station 4:

“Chimes Blues”  –

“Sugar Foot Stomp” –

“West End Blues” –

DE Biology Literature Review

Mrs. Watson

In class Group Activity Links

Activity 1: Reference List Basic Rules

Purdue OWL APA Reference List: Basic Rules 

Activity 2: Citing Sources with Different Types of Authors

Citing Authors:

Activity 3: Citing a Book and Journal Article

Reference List: Books :

Purdue Owl: Electronic Sources –

Journal Article : Head Check: Recognizing, Assessing, and Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

Activity 4: Citing Web sites and Parts of Web sites 

Purdue Owl: Electronic Sources –

Document from a Website Source:

Section in a Web Document source:

Additional Resources

APA Style FAQ:

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – APA Style Guide

Gale General Science Collection

Gale Research in Context


Radiology Safety Guidelines Project

Beginning Resources:

American College of Radiology

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety, U of Virginia


Art 3 & Art 4 Saran Wrap Structure: Research Component

General Resources

“How do I research an artist?” –  MOMA article

Fine Arts & Music Collection – TEL

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

United States Government Constitution Learning Stations

Station 3: “Support for the First Amendment” USA Today Article

Google Form Poll: Does the First Amendment go too far?

Station 4:  Constitution Song

Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Acosta’s Day of the Dead Learning Station Links

Whole Group Video: Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Station 1: Infographics

Infographic 1: Celebracion de Dia de Muertos
Infographic 2: Homeaje a Los Muertos

Mr. Kemper’s /Mr. White’s 1950s Learning Station Videos and Links – 2016

Station 1

Space Race Video

Station 3

Carl Perkins (Jackson, Tennessee native) – “Boppin’ the Blues” May 1950


Chuck Berry – “Roll Over, Beethoven” – May 1956

Station 4
Air Raid Siren Clip

Station 5

“Leave It To Beaver”

Station 6

1950s Suburbia and Baby Boom

Pi Day Learning Station Links

Station 1: Pi Facts Prezi

Station 2: Video – How Pi Was Nearly Changed
Station 3: Videos –

o   What is the Value of Pi?

o   Pi Pi Mathematical Pi

o   Lose Yourself in the Digits (Pi Diddy)

 Algebra 2 Parent Function Learning Station Links

Station 2

Math Shorts – Parent Functions

Station 3

Virtual Nerd – What is a Function?

Station 4

Virtual Nerd – What is a Parent Function?

Biology Macromolecule Day Links

Station 1

Macromolecules: The Knowns

Station 2: Carbohydrates
Chemistry of Carbohydrates Video
 Culminating Whole Group Activity
Macromolecules: The Unknowns
Mr. White’s 1950s Learning Station Videos and Links
Station 1
Space Race Video
Station 3
Chuck Berry – “Roll Over, Beethoven” – May 1956
 Carl Perkins (Jackson, Tennessee native) – “Boppin’ the Blues” May 1950
Station 4
Air Raid Siren Clip
Station 5
“Leave It To Beaver” – October 24, 1959
“The Ed Sullivan Show” w/ Elvis Presley – October 28, 1956
Station 6
Korean War Memorial Virtual Tour
Ms. Allen’s and Ms. Foust’s Minimalism Day Videos and Links

Station 1Minimalism Playlist

Fur Elise
Clair de Lune

Station 3

John Cage about Silence


 Station 4

Richard Serra’s “At MoMA- Torqued Ellipse IV-1998” Video

Mrs. Moore’s Intro to Marketing Ad Day Videos

Station 2

Food Ad Tricks: Helping Kids Understand Food Ads on TV

Dove: Evolution of a Model-not blocked =on SchoolTube

Julia Roberts Airbrush Ad Banned Celeb TV-not blocked

Fast Food :Ads vs. Reality

Station 3

Geico Hump Day Camel Commercial

New E-trade Baby Game Day Commercial

Apple: IPhone 5 ad Face Time Every Day

Station 6

Shameless Product Placement on TV

Trailer: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer

 The Great Gatsby Learning Station Day

Charleston Instructional Video

English 3 – Gatsby/1920s Research


World Book Web Advanced

1920s History

Best of History Websites

America in Class
English I Research Project

Locate your class and try these resources for your research.

Ms. Lindsey’s Career Project

From TEL
Career Transitions
Search for new opportunites, organize job searches, and discover new ways to match your work and military experience with new career options. Build a resume, cover letter, and get interview tips too!

Jobs and Careers Learning Center
Instantly scored licensing, certification, and aptitude practice tests, online career preparation, and vital information for a wide variety of occupations.Requires free registration. Create a username and password of your choice.

Small Business Resource Center
Get answers to how-to questions about starting and running your own business. Find sample business plans, articles from business magazines and e-books on management.

11th Grade Writing

Tennessee Electronic Library Resources

Opposing Viewpoints

Gale Databases

Other Web Resources

Internet Public Library

World History Resources

BBC Historical Figures


Student Resources in Context via Tennessee Electronic Library

Gale Databases

World Book Online

English I Research

World Book Online

GALE Literature Resource Center

Advanced English IV Resources- Mrs. Smith
Tennessee Electronic Library Resources

Opposing Viewpoints

Gale Databases

Other Web Resources

Internet Public Library

English IV – Business Plan Research Project

Tennessee Electronic Library–Career Tools
U.S. Small Business Administration

Internet Public Library: Business and Economics – “How to Start a Business…” Article


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